Kids Crossing

The 2015-2016 season of Kid’s Choir / Kid’s Crossing will begin again on August 26, 2015.

Kids Crossing is a time for learning and sharing God’s love for kids in Kindergarten – 6th grade.  Pastor Gary Griffin, along with some wonderful volunteers, engage the kids in Bible Study, games, crafts, movies and much more.  There are special event parties to celebrate different occasions during the school year.  Every Wednesday (throughout the school year) the children are given a snack, spend 30 minutes in Kid’s Crossing and 30 minutes in Kid’s Choir.

Our church bus will pick up children at Hubble Elementary, Webster Elementary and Marshfield Junior High School when school lets out every Wednesday.  The kids from Shook Elementary have a short walk from Shook to our Church through a field that joins the two buildings.  We do not meet on Wednesdays that school is not in session or canceled due to bad weather.  When kids arrive at our church they are given a snack and drink before they begin their practice with Kid’s Choir or join in the fun in Kid’s Crossing.  The children should be picked up at church by 4:45 pm.

For more information call our church office at 417-859-2472.