Family Night at the Track

We had a great finish at the track last Sunday.  60 people showed up for the final night.  They walked or ran 262 laps  for a total of  65.5 miles.  My thanks goes to Jean for checking everyone in and recording laps. For the hot summer, the group totaled 1085 laps or 271.25 miles in twelve meetings.  That’s pretty good.  One night, it was just too hot, so we met at the church and ate fruit and snacks.  Some of the activities the kids played, while the adults walked the track, were wiffle ball, kick ball, track leap frog and other fun exercises.  The best attendance has to go to Marty and Connie.  The most laps award would probably go to Curt.  The most enthusiastic person for being there is not doubt, Kanon!  Most importantly, it was simply a blessing to have Christian fellowship together, talk about our relationship with God and start the week off with a Sunday evening prayer.  Thanks to all who attended and hope to see you soon.

God’s blessings!
Craig Thomas

“Family Night at the Track” was a summer activity/mission for our church and extended family. It was family time from 6 to 7 p.m. of Christian fellowship at the football field/track open to all.  The adults would walk the track and the kids played organized activities on the football field or track. Craig Thomas provided a subject and scripture for conversation while you walked, then a short discussion at the end of the hour and a prayer for the coming week ahead.  The group goal was to have 100 people in attendance and/or walk 100 miles in one night.
GOALS 100 400 100
Accumulated Accumulated
# People # Laps #Miles Total Laps Total Miles
May 13 13 35 8.75 35 8.75
May 20 20 126 31.5 161 40.25
May 27 13 36 9 197 49.25
Jun 03 23 105 26.25 302 75.5
Jun 10 35 218 54.5 520 130
Jun 17
Jun 24
Jul 01