Sister Church – Sahane

Our sister church in Mozambique is Sahane. We have a covenant with the people of the Sahane United Methodist Church to pray for them and support their ministry. We covenant to send $ 990 as our mission outreach every year. Seven years ago, we raised $ 5,000 to drill a well which was recently completed. This allows our brothers and sisters to drink fresh, uncontaminated water and to have water without carrying it several miles back to their village. Our church has also raised funds to purchase Bibles and hymnals for the Sahane Church.

During Lent, our mission is to raise $ 1,500- 2,500 to help the people of Sahane to become self-sustaining. Their economy is very poor. The Sustainability Project is to purchase, chickens, seeds, and tools to allow the Mozambiquians to farm and transportation to take their goods to the market to sell. Our hope is that one day those in Mozambique will be self-sufficient and be able to fully support their own church.

UPDATE:  As of April 8, 2012 we have raised $1,883.01.  It’s not too late to get your generous donation added to meet the $2,500 goal.  We truly appreciate all of you, during our time of Lent, who gave special donations for this cause.  Thank You!

September 28, 2011
Brothers and sisters in Christ, through this letter we would like to address our warm and fraternal greetings, wishing you well in your health situation and success in your daily activities, both individual and collective activities, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior. Based on the Sacred Scriptures from the Book of John 2:6-15, the Sahane UMC, located in the Nhabanda 2 area, would like to inform you that finally the source of water is here! It is providing life though your great love and sweating. It is already working since March 05, 2011, and it is supplying safe water to the people of this area in a universe of about 63 families today. In order to help maintain this living source, the Sahane community and the people of Nhabanda area are contributing an equivalent to $0.37 per family per month. We would once again like to thank you so much for this effort. We are always with you in our prayers so that you can continue being good Samaritans in many communities, and hoping that you will also pray for us for our spiritual and material development.  May God be with you forever, Amen!

The lay leader – Graca Rafael Mapanzene
The Pastor- Jose Aungusto Mangue